This is how it all began.

The story.

How it began, the way we've adapted and evolved since 18'

Our Story so far...

Let's tell
you how
it all began.

June 2018

We started the company - Squish Gifts Limited

The idea was to create amazing gift hampers that were "squished" with gifts.

I.e. the company name. Let's talk the truth - we had a rocky start. The first year we tried to put our name out, but simply could not compete. 

Six months later

Homeware, living & gifts

We changed the direction of our company and focused more on gifts. The idea to build relationships with various retailers was great and we featured over 20 great brands.


2020 & on

The year we became sustainable

Let's be honest no one thought 2020 would have been what it was. It was a time to reflect and Squish Gifts needed to evolve a little more. A full website redesign, a fresh logo and a new look. The next step was to become sustainable and create something of our own. 


omni was born. The passion behind having our own brand was massive at Squish Gifts and we wanted to create a sustainable candle brand. It was about making premium candles, wax melts and diffusers that were affordable. All made to be vegan and cruelty-free. They had to be long lasting, burn evenly and really fill your home. We think we nailed it.

Plant a tree commitment. In September 2020 we introduced a new commitment to help our planet. We started to plant a tree for every order made no matter how little the value - we would plant a tree. 

2021 to now

The year we really became us

The journey has continued -  we're now established and are continuing to grow.

  • We've now planted over 500 trees and counting. 

  • We are sustainable in a way that we now no longer rely on other brands to sell products in our store.

omni | ® became a trademark.

  • Our most popular home brand is getting bigger in everyway. Trust us.

  • Brand new branded candles all made by a person called Aman (The owner of Squish Gifts) has a massive desire to push the brand he created in 2020. 

  • We're attending more local markets in person and have teamed up with Duckpond.


Our website has continued to grow. Our own product range has grown, we introduced the omni club (monthly plans for omni products), more options than others when it comes to paying for our products which include, all major cards, PayPal, Clearpay and Laybuy. Our Instagram is growing steadily with over 2.8K followers. Most importantly you've helped us grow, you've believed in us and we wouldn't be here without your support.

Thank you for visiting us, creating your own log ins, subscribing to our newsletters, following us on Instagram and buying our own brands (omni & innu). That's our story so far.

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The Legal Bit
Company Name: Squish Gifts Limited
Registered Address: 128 Kemp House, City Road, London, Greater London, EC1V 2NX
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Company Register: Companies House (England) 
Company Registration Number: 11432827